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This tool has been designed to help you optimize drafting your Fantasy Hockey team for the upcoming 2021 NHL season! Think "Money-Ball" but for hockey pools.

I have developed an algorithm that analyzes up to 4 years of NHL regular season statistics for forwards and defensemen and compares them to their peers to determine the most valuable players for your pool.

Since all categories are valued the same in these pools, auto-drafting the player who scores the most points first overall may not be the most effective move when your league also cares about number of hits and blocks! The best strategy is to draft players that are effective over all the stat categories. On paper your team may not look like a Stanley Cup contender but remember this is "Fantasy" Hockey!

Based on the statistic categories being counted in your Head to Head Fantasy Hockey Pool, you can dynamically generate a "Fantasy Score" that ranks players by completeness of all the categories.

Whats New?

Below is a very informal feature change log as I continue to build out the website.

  • Sun Jan 15 2021: Added 2 new filters to the Current Player Rankings page to let you filter on the number of games a player has left this week and next to maximize man-games.
  • Mon Oct 25 2021: Added a new filter to the Team Schedules page to let you see which teams are playing today.
  • Sun Oct 24 2021: Added a new filter on the Current Player Rankings page to show only players who are playing today for those last minute Sunday waiver pickups!
  • Fri Oct 16 2021: Various bug fixes and improvmeents.
  • Fri Oct 1 2021: Small app optimizations to make the website run smoother (damn you N+1 queries!)
  • Mon Sept 27 2021: Activated a long-in-development feature just in time for draft season, a new Fantasy Score configuration for the Draft Center to factor in the strengths/weaknesses of your drafted Fantasy Team to help balance out your team! Note that this is only available for users who are signed in.
  • Mon Sept 13 2021: Roster updates + notes for upcoming season. Check out Seattle's team page now!
  • Sun Sept 12 2021: Loaded the upcoming 2021-2022 season's schedule and improved the schedule summary page to show number of back to b2b/offnight games. Also, you no longer need to sign in to use any of the player-related pages, enjoy!
  • Wed Jun 2 2021: Query optimizations, various fixes and the groundwork for some new features coming down the pipeline!
  • Sun May 30 2021: Added Age to Player and backfilled those values for all players who played last season. Defined an age curve that can be factored into the Fantasy Score for the Draft Center Page to downgrade players exiting their prime. Also added the ability to factor in Points as a Stat Category (not recommended when factoring in Goals and Assists already as this will skew in favor of high-scoring players).
  • Tue May 25 2021: The site is officially in off-season mode! Curr Season Rankings & Team Schedules pages are hidden and the Draft Center has been updated to consider the most recent season as "last season". Also there's ads, sorry, gotta pay for hosting costs that will likely increase.
  • Wed May 19 2021: I've added a blog page linking to my Medium posts about this project. Also, the About page is now viewable without being logged in (oops!!)
  • Sun Apr 11 2021: We now have up to date stats updated every day!
  • Sun Apr 4 2021: New Team Schedule & Team Summary Pages to help you pick up players based on how many games their team plays this week and next and view a detailed summary of each NHL team.
  • Mon Mar 15 2021: The website now has the current season's stats! They will be refreshed every Monday morning, check out the "Current Season Rankings" page to see league-wide findings or the "My Fantasy Team" page to toggle between current and old stats for your team. The previous "Skaters" page has been renamed to "Draft Center" and only looks at stats from the previous 1-4 seasons.
  • Fri Mar 12 2021: New Home Page displaying games today and your man games for today, moves the home page to an About page.
  • Wed Mar 10 2021: I took a 2 month break from this project but I'm still here! HTTPS redirects are now enforced and I just disabled the invite code requirement, feel free to sign up for free! I have also begun experimenting with how to include data from the current season into the website to help with Waiver wire pickups. I'm starting small and adding "Games This Week" (GTW) which will tell you how many games each player will play in the current week of the 2021 season. There is also "Games Left This Week" (GLTW) and "Games Next Week" (GNW). On the skater view page, you can see more details too.
  • Sun Jan 10 2021: We have a domain name! Go to Also you can now view an individual player's last 3 year's of stats by clicking on their name on the Skaters or My Fantasy Team page.
  • Sat Jan 9 2021: Major rewrite of the Fantasy Score algorithm to take into account the last 4 NHL Seasons! You can now dynamically generate Fantasy Scores based on pro-rated data over a full 82 game season and based on last season and the last 3 seasons with the option to include a recency bias! You can also hide players too on the Skaters page which is helpful for using the tool during an actual fantasy draft.
  • Fri Jan 8 2021: Filter by team, hide stat columns on Skaters page that aren't factored into Fantasy Score.


Dynamic Fantasy Score Rankings

On the "Draft Center" page (available during the summer and up to the start of the regular season), you can view all Skaters (filterable by position) ordered by a dynamically generated Fantasy Score (out of 100) based on your selected statistic categories and up to 4 years of statistics (2017 - 2020) This will allow you to optimize drafting your team.

On the "Current Season Rankings" page (available during the regular season and up to the start of the playofs), you can view all Skaters with the same Fantasy Score functionality based on up to date NHL statistics loaded each morning. This will allow you to optimize maintaining your team throughout the season and help you make roster decisions, player drops and waiver pickups.

You can use any of the following statistical categories:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Points
  • Hits
  • Blocks
  • Faceoff Wins (FOW)
  • Penalty Minutes (PIM)
  • Powerplay Points (PPP)
  • Shorthanded Points (SHP)
  • Shots

Color Coded Assessment

Each statistical category is evaluated via the comparison algorithm and assigned a color indicating how strong each player is at that category.

Elite Excellent Great Good Ok Average Meh Bad Awful Worst

Assisted Mock Draft

You can draft players to your team from the "Draft Center" page or "Current Season Rankings" page and view your team on the "My Fantasy Team" page along with average scoring and color coded assessments of your completeness of each statistical category.

As you draft your team, your Draft Center Fantasy Score algorithm can be set to prioritize remaining (non-hidden) available players based on the strengths and weaknesses of your drafted team in order to build out a balanced roster capable of winning all pool categories!

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Team Schedule Analysis

You can view and compare all schedules on the "Team Schedules" page for a given pool week and see how many games they have (to maximize man games of your players) and back-to-back vs offnight games they have to help judge restedness.


This tool is specifically for Head-to-Head Category pools that are not based on points. The most balanced players across categories are ranked so if each stat in your pool is weighted differently via points, this tool is not for you. Sorry!

The tool isn't perfect and the 2020-2021 season was a trial run for this methodoloy in my 2 pools. Below are some limitations:

  • No goalie rankings (for now).
  • No playoff statistics are used.

The team schedule analysis tool does not yet factor in strength of opponents faced.


Below are the tools I'm using to build and maintain this website:

  • This website is hosted, deployed and managed using Heroku.
  • Domain name managed by AWS Route53 with DNS through Cloudflare.
  • The application was developed using Ruby on Rails for the frontend* (HTML, CSS, JS, ERB, BootStrap) and backend.
  • The data is hosted in a Postgres Database.
  • To run statistical queries and aggregations on the data, I am using the Descriptive Statistics Gem.
  • For Registration, Authorization & Authentication, I am using the Devise gem.

* I am not a frontend developer by trade, this website looks like it was made 10 years ago. I apologize in advance.


If you want an invite code, have any questions or find any bugs, please email me.

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