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FantasyHockeyHelper Technical Improvements 2023–2024

Sept 16, 2023

I’ve been hard at work this summer making some more improvements to for the upcoming season. Read on to view is a summary of the changes including support for "points pools" and updates to the cloud architecture of the app.

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FantasyHockeyHelper 2022–2023 Season Preview

Sept 22, 2022

I’m traveling to Montreal for a work trip next week and I may or may not have pressured my team into attending the Habs vs Jets pre-season game on the Thursday. Yup, its Fall now and the NHL is back soon! I can’t wait, not just to watch my beloved Habs chase Connor Bedard all season, but also for the all the blood and sweat and tears I am going to pour into fantasy hockey. Draft season is around the corner!

I’ve been working all summer (again) to prepare, both for the draft before the season starts and for regularly showing in-season player rankings too! There’s several new improvements I’ve implemented, I hope you find them helpful in managing your fantasy team.


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FantasyHockeyHelper - 2021–2022 NHL Preview

Sept 30, 2021

A week before the last NHL season began, I started and wrote a web app to help me optimize drafting multiple fantasy hockey teams with various pool settings. This year, I’m excited to continue that project, and I’ve been working hard all summer to get ready for the 2021–2022 season. The goal has grown from just helping me win a few hundred bucks in my own pools though. I also want to provide some value to the fantasy hockey community and continue experimenting with hockey statistics. This blog post serves as a short update on what I’ve been working on and some thoughts about the upcoming fantasy season.


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May 19, 2021

I started in early January to keep me busy during Ontario’s seemingly never-ending COVID lockdown (big shout out to Doug Ford for making this so much worse than it had to be). I used the app to help draft my 2 Fantasy Hockey teams by ranking players in a way that I thought made sense. Mainly, by prioritizing players that produced in all relevant stat categories and had done so consistently over the past few seasons. The tool grew over the season to rank players by the current season too in order to support team management and waiver pickups. It’s been a fun journey building this project and I think it helped me a lot in my 2 leagues. I’d like to reflect on how it all went now that the regular season is over.


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Money-Puck: Optimizing Your Fantasy Hockey Draft Using Statistics and Ruby

January 13, 2021

I’ve been playing fantasy hockey for about 15 years now. That means that technically I’ve been sports-gambling since I was a child. One year I actually won my Dad’s office playoff pool (I don’t know why they let a child join to be honest) with a prize of ~$800 dollars which bought me an Xbox 360 and Rock Band (his coworkers weren’t pleased)! Illegalities aside, fantasy hockey is an incredibly fun, several-months long game that further ignites my interest in professional hockey and brings friends, teammates, and coworkers together in pursuit of a small cash prize and bragging rights that they “know hockey the best”.


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